Die Antwoord Padshop Pro tutorial & glitch

Here is a tutorial I made showcasing Padshop Pro. It also highlights a glitch.

Thanks for posting, hadn’t thought of using it that way yet.
Interesting choice of music :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen to the original song, it’s great! "FOK JULLE NAAIERS" by DIE ANTWOORD (Official) - YouTube
Skip to 3:30 it has this big industrial beat behind it.

In the tutorial I forgot to explain why the grains sound pitched when changing the grain duration. It has to do with the fact that pitch is perceived by the frequency of peaks, or the distance from highest peak to peak, in a waveform. So when you shorten the grains you’re shortening the repeated waveform cycles thus increasing the perceived pitch.

I also didn’t explain how to make DJ Hi-Tek’s voice. All you do is record the spoken line (which doesn’t need repeating) in rhythm to the song and pitch shift the sample down 3 or 4 semitones with the Poly Complex algorithm. You can try a different one I just think that works best. You don’t really need to worry about VariAudio pitch correction or anything because the song is basically spoken word over a drum loop.