Difference between Ctrl-V and Alt-click

I’ve been using Alt-click to copy and paste items. Until now I’ve been pasting at locations without existing items. I was surprised to see that alt-click adds to existing items, it doesn’t replace existing content. Is there a way to change this behavior or a quicker way to do a paste that replaces existing material than ctrl-c, ctrl-v? Alt-click is much faster. (Searching for alt/opt-click on the online help gave me no results).

As far as I’m aware, this depends on whether or not Chords is active – if it is, copying/pasting or indeed inputting in any fashion will merge existing and new material. Likewise copying/pasting, Alt/Opt-clicking and inputting with Insert mode active will push existing material later instead of overwriting it.

I think I’m going crazy or it was an intermittent bug. I do have a witness who saw the action I described. However, as I try it right now, alt-click works just like ctrl-v as I would expect. (Maybe it was a voices issue). As to chord mode, I can’t see any difference. Insert mode obviously inserts the content. Sorry to waste everyone’s time. I’m fine if this thread is deleted.

I have noticed that Alt-click is inconsistent.

I use it a lot for adding slurs in string passages and every so often it simply refuses to apply to a particular note, but will continue to work for later notes… it’s strange and unpredictable.

Sometimes Alt-click seems very particular about where I click. If it doesn’t work, clicking in a slightly different area near the note I want to copy to will make things work.

You can Alt-click to any position on the rhythmic grid, whether there’s a note or rest on that beat or not. I found this hard to get used to, coming from Sibelius, but it is very useful if you keep it in mind.

(This is my top complaint about Tantacrul’s review of Dorico, in which he claims it is not possible to copy a figure to an offbeat. You can indeed with Alt-click.)

As I recall, Alt+click works fine if you click within the staff, but not outside the staff. If you’re copying slurs, the temptation is to click above the note, which is outside the staff. If you instead click in the rhythmic position inside the staff, I think it will work correctly.


Yeah, the temptation of clicking exactly on the position (or the note heads) where you want the result to be pasted vs. clicking into the staff is very high…