Difference between deactivated and muted parts

Why is there a difference between deactivated and muted parts in the Audio-Part-Editor?

realy I don’t get what happend to this formerly very useful editor. Seems to be totally useless for what I want to do with it.

well, maybe it is the time to switch to another recording software vendor - cheers!

Yes, just do it, bye…

Well, maybe it is the time to read the manual :unamused:

page 86:
About track disable/enable
For audio tracks, the track context menu contains an item named “Disable Track”. This shuts down all disk activity for the track, as opposed to using Mute, which merely turns down the output volume for a track. For example, if you often record “alternative takes” you can easily build up a large number of takes on different tracks. Even though these tracks are muted, they are actually still “playing back” from the hard disk during playback. Because this puts an unnecessary load on your disk system, using “Disable Track” is recommended for such situations.


… thx a lot - really helped me out!

Question: does anybody need this feature?



what for?

The thing it is intended for. (Re-)read Johnny B Richmans quote, which he looked up in the manual probably especially for you…

ok, fine - I understand that - but why should the formerly functionallity be no longer needed? I still would like to arrange my multipart records in that editor - why is it disabled?

… and actually - I dont care about what a manual wants to tweak me to, I wanna record music, and the functionally I need is what a software has to deliver.


I don´t know, all I said is: Don´t talk, go switch to another software

Also fine, if you find the software that does everything exactly the way you want it, stick to it. But unless you do it on your own, you shouldn´t expect anyone to program a software only for you…

man, you are right,

… I would never excpect a software company to program the way I need … but I am using cubase for at least 15 years, and the funcionallity we are taking about was the main advantage for me to use this system.

now, it’s gone, and most of my recording methods will no longer work.

I wont give this up easily - I think the ppl that specified v6 were not aware of the possibilities the part editor had.

I Need it - I bet a lot more ppl do - and we want it back!

cheers don!

Maybe time to read his question properly instead of rolling your eyes

He is talking about muted events within the part editor, not tracks.

Maybe time to handle his moaning ehm question yourself.

I was not aware of the possibility to Disable Part :unamused:

well, ok … pls let me explain what I am doing,

let’s record a solo git, … the artist plays 4 Takes …

I record -> events to part and now I listen to the first take …

… there are 3 mistakes … I replace each with records from take two …

… now I rehear the stuff and want to ensure that there was not an even better part in part 3 …

… I select part 3 and all my decisions I made about sharing part 1 + 2 are gone!

Use solo button on lane You want to listen only… it will not harm other decisions but let You simply check out anyother take!

Solo switch shows same behavior - maybe I didn’t get it …

but even if there is a chance to workaround with a solo function, if I click on a lane by mistake, everything is gone.

That sucks!


… I am not worried about that