Difference between engraving and printing

Hi folks,
I have made considerable progress with Dorico (special thanks to Marc Larcher…) over the last few weeks and am convinced by the software.
I changed the font on a score to get the Sibelius one that I like (Helsinki) but something strange happens; everything is ok in engraving mode, but when I want to print the rhythm signatures and the bar numbers to be counted are completely off.
I can’t find the solution…
Thanks in advance for your help.

Capture d’écran 2022-08-28 à 10.31.19
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Is Helsinki available as a SMuFL font? Or did you manually change all the glyphs in the Music Symbols Editor?

Hi Benwiggy,
it seems that the Helsinki font is a SMuFL font. I have a perfect result in engraving mode but the problem happens when I am in printing mode.

But Sibelius does not support SMuFL fonts. How could Helsinki that forms part of Sibelius be SMuFL?

Hi Andro
Ok, I thought Sibelius supported SMuFL fonts. That would explain the fact that I have a difference between the two modes in this case?

Almost certainly.

Only SMuFL fonts will appear in the Music Fonts dialog. Did you select Helsinki from here? Or did you do something else?


I went to this menu and added Helsinki, it was not in the list. I only have Bravura in this list. Are there any other fonts available? This would allow me to change the look of the scores.

How did you add Helsinki? There’s no option to add a font here.

There are plenty of other SMuFL fonts:

Well yes, as you can see in the post above yours, there are many different SMuFL fonts available, some free, others you can buy. There’s a resource list of the fonts available and many threads in this forum where experienced users share their feelings about where or when to best use such or such font.
Ninja’d by Benwiggy, you have the fonts list!

Note that when you install a SMuFL font, you have to install the font.otf file with your fonts but also a font.json file in a specific folder. You need both files correctly installed in order to use the font in Dorico.

In fact I went to

  • Library
  • font styles
  • Default music text font

In the dialog box there is the possibility to change the fonts.

Thank’s for the font list and Marc for the advices.