Difference between feature and fix update


So you’re saying that those of us who have basically beta tested your software and worked out the bugs for this update will; now pay a penalty to get the same version that you’d get if you waited???

This is the most penny pinching, underhanded BS I’ve witnessed from this company and I’m sickened by the prospect of what’s to come. Are we eventually going to pay for EVERY update???

Come on Steinberg. This is the last straw for me if this is the way you’re going to nickle and dime us. Sad…

Do you know of another software company that gives away the beta version with no expiration date for beta testers?

I do not.

OP isn’t a beta tester. And FYI official beta testers would be entitled to the update free, that’s one of the benefits of being a beta tester.

Calm down a bit and read what they have to say about their pricing strategy:

(Yes, they might have stated something like this a bit sooner, but most of us understood anyway…)

… the ironic thing here is that some people said *** you Steinberg we’ll switch to Logic → where you have to pay for mid-term Updates since 2009 :sunglasses: … not to forget the forced Update combination that goes along with every incarnation of Os X and that 1500$ dongle.


How about Reaper where u get two upgrades for the money ($60 for version 5.0 - 6.9999)?

I like how they “break” the functionality of the lanes, make people gripe about it for an entire yer, then ask for MORE money to get the "fixed’ version which, to my understanding, STILL doesn’t work properly. Rubbish.

Reaper is already on my PC and I’m using it more and more.

Gone are the days of talking to a brick, money grubbing, corporate wall. This is appalling Steinberg. What a corporate line of BS. I will make sure that the 20 + musicians that I was GOING to steer to your product will know NEVER to buy such a load of hogwash.

I’m sure that somehow they’ll put that gun loaded with the upgrade to your head and make you pay for it. :mrgreen:
£40!? Peanuts. A real capitalist company can’t go proper money-grubbing for that little. :mrgreen:
And I’d be out of business if I recommended the musicians I know to buy their own. :mrgreen: You’re quite right not to shoot yourself in the foot.

or FL studio with free lifetime updates Create Your Best Music | FL Studio,
but I still prefer Cubase.

didn’t digidesign charge for protools 7.4 update ?

Good thing Steinberg is gonna charge less for 6.5 to 7 update. makes sense.

I love how people still don’t get that 6.5 isn’t a paid for update.

6.5 is a discounted content pack (effects, Padshop, & Retrologue) for Cubase users, as well as bugfixes and program updates.

The free maintenance update (which includes the bugfixes and program updates minus the VST add-ons) is coming next week.


Steinberg is not asking for money for an update. They’re offering us a discounted content pack for being users of their other products.

Good day!

No, that is not right, Steinberg have specifically stated that V6.0.6 will not contain the lane behaviour fix - only 6.5 get’s that. So we paid for a V5 - V6 upgrade that messed the lane behaviour up (amongst other thngs), and now they want us to pay to put it back right again.

V6.5 should be a free upgrade, but yes, take the pointless unwanted VST plug in’s out and charge 49Euro for them if anybody wants them.

Take a look at this post. It explains why 6.5 is a paid update and why 5.5 was not. In the end it’s all the same.

That’s actually quite hysterical tbh, trying depserately to justify an update’s pricing.

5-6 was x amount, 4-5 was x amount, it doesn’t matter. You can throw facts and figures at it all day long, still doesnt alter the fact that what is in the 6.5 update are 2 synths and 2 effects that are new. The lane fix and the quantize functions should be in the 6.0.6 fix not paid for. The soundcloud integration can stay in the 6.5, i’m certainly not interested in it. The flac option, well I don’t use flac, but not saying i’d not use it, 6.5 or 6.0.6, that’s not really essential so could be either.

So that’s it. 2 synths, 2 effects for £40. That’s good value really, not going to argue about that.

Lanes fix, quantize improvements and anything else should be in the 6.0.6.

To pay for a bug fix = beyond belief.

Steinberg is not asking for money for an update. They’re offering us a discounted content pack for being users of their other products.

Agree with this point of view.

For me this is not ideal. Im not exactly angry about it, perhaps a bit surprised at what’s going on. But in reality its not a lot of money is it. Money aside though, its kinda cool that we are getting glimpses of whats coming. This DAW we all use is evolving and getting better. Im kinda getting excited about 7 as i think its gonna have a lot of cool stuff. Im not sure if im gonna pay for this upgrade. nothing really jumps out at me except that new EQ. But its clear Steinberg intend to dazzle us with new and interesting tools. Controversy aside,… These are interesting and hopefully fruitful times for a lot of Cubase users. I guess we will have to see.

Fixing something which wasn’t fit for purpose in the first place isn’t an update, it’s a fix. In any other industry this would be termed a product recall & would be accompanied with an apology.

It’s like VW saying if you buy a sunroof now we’ll fix your faulty brakes. If you don’t want a sunroof, don’t worry we’ll still fix your brakes…just not yet.

I’m strictly project, I can wait. If I relied on C6 professionally to generate an income I’d be looking elsewhere.

Reaper is 225 USD not 60 for most Cubase users, the discounted 60 clearly specifies NO commercial use so even bedroom producers are expected to pay the full amount

It would be the same version, if it were called Cubase 6. but it´s called Cubase 6.5. It´s just a name…They could even call it Cubase 6 Pro or whatever…
They put more stuff in it, and you can choose not to do the update. They had the choice to call Cubase 6.5 or Cubase 7, and they opted not to, I guess, to avoid a new Cubase 8 in January 2013 to be likely. Can you imagen the protests and comments, if there were a full version every year to be paid?

Needless to say, I am not the person, that supports everything done by Steinberg, keeps compensated.

All the best.


having to pay money for bug fixes = something seriously wrong with the ethics of the company.

The rest of it isn’t really relavent, you pay for new content, that I can understand.

You can have the 6.0.6 free update thats said to be coming next week…? Oh, sorry - you want (expect…?) everything free all the time, except ‘new things’, which you would pay for.

I can only say, unless you change your attitude you will live the rest of your life in a very unhappy state. Yes, I understand there are company’s or individuals who work to produce products that are then free for everyone, all the time. Or who charge a nominal fee from time to time. Steinberg are not one of those types of company’s.

As such, I don’t know on what grounds you say their ethics are seriously wrong. But, you have your opinion of course… :wink: