Difference between hi/lo-cut in the "pre" and hi/lo-pass in EQ?


Can anyone tell what’s the difference between the hi/lo-cuts in Cubase’s “pre” tab and the hi/lo-pass filters in the actual EQ section? They seem to give completely different results.

The filters in the EQ seem to do more. So much so, that I’m even starting to think if the cuts in the pre work properly.

Also, I thought that if for example I cut everything below say 200hz, hi-passing afterwards shouldn’t do anything since there shouldn’t be any content anymore. That doesn’t seem to be the case however.

Any explanations, thank you?

Different Q values?

They are just the same, if you open the mixer and watch the filter while moving on the eq channel you´ll see its the exact same filter. Those are pre insert filters.

I think the Pre tab happens before the inserts.
I use tons of saturation/distortion plugins and they always add a ton of low end mud that I high pass with the actual EQ.
(edit, as pepe says… but I actually thought the curves were different too… there is no slope control on the Pre hi/lo right?)

Yes. right click the filter knob and you´ll have the filter slope to choose.

Thank you all a lot! You make sense. I have to experiment tomorrow.