Difference between import Music XML or Midifile : reset layout?

I have made an arrangement in Cubase and export the file as Midi an Music XML. There a difference’s between them. The midi file import the correct tempo, Music XML doesn’t. Music XML load the correct names etc.

For me the difference is the layout. Importing the Midi file gives a better layout than Music XML (which contains the informatie from Cubase I think).
Is it possible to reset the layout where it looks like ‘the midifile’ and Dorico decide how to build this?

See my screenshot. The upper file is Midi, the lower is Music XML.

I believe with tempo there is an issue in MusicXML in that it doesn’t always get defined properly or correctly, so sometimes Dorico has to guess whether it’s a tempo or not. Paul might be able to give more details.
With the layout, now that I’ve seen the whole file, there is something odd about the MusicXML file as the lowest staff has multiple tied notes that are affecting the spacing. Remove / fix those notes and it’s fine. Why that’s happening from the Cubase file is a different question and you might need to check starting with the Cubase file.

Generally, which is to prefer when importing from Sibelius, Music XML or Midi?

Generally I’d suggest using MusicXML as it’s a graphical format and you’ll get lots more useful information than just note lengths, pitches and other MIDI information.

Thank you John.