Difference between input 1 and 2 on the CI1?

Is there any difference between input 1 and 2 on the CI1? I was trying some direct recording from my amp and input 2 seemed to sound better than input 1. Something else I don’t get is that in cubase, when I have it in input 1 the volume bar shows only on the left pan of the volume bar (even though I’m hearing it in both sides of the earphones) and records fine. But input 2 shows up on the right (still hearing it the same) but when I record it there’s no sound in the track.


The only difference between the two inputs is that the first input has the option of a HI-Z switch. If you turn that off they will sound the same. As far as your problem, try pressing the mono button ontop of the CI. Also, if that doesn’t work, disable some of the effects in the inspector. Check the pan in the mixer as well. :wink: