Difference between Inserts and Channel Strips


I’m looking at the differences between Inserts and Channel Strips… Why are they separate? Granted, we can add MIDI inserts, but no MIDI strips, and also, there is no external VST effect for the strips, but other than that, any other difference? For example, is there any difference inserting an EQ or a compressor in the inserts vs. in the channel strips?

Inserts p.324

The Inserts rack for audio-related channels features insert effect slots that allow you to load insert effects for a channel. For MIDI channels you can load MIDI inserts.

Channel Strips p.329

The Channel Strip rack is only available for audio-related channels. It allows you to load built-in processing modules for separate channels.

Or are these two slots separate for historical reasons?

Inserts have always been there they are the only way to insert a 3rd party or indeed the majority of Steinberg plugins.

The channel strip is an integrated set of tools that you can access quickly like on a console. You cannot choose most plugs to go in the channel strip, you are limited to the small selection Steinberg have coded into it.

Yeah…Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, so does it mean that from functional perspective - ch. strips = inserts? What is first in the order? Strips or inserts?

I think by default the Inserts come first but you can swap that around using the Channel settings panel.