Difference between key command presets and macros

I’ve reading the manual and playing the trial version of the cubase 11 and will probably purchase it.
What is the difference between key command presets and macros (both are represented in the same window [key command window])?

Macros are sequences of several key commands in a row.

Aren’t presets the same thing - series of key cmds. Please explain the difference!

I said sequences, not series.

As far I can tell a preset replaces the entire set of key cmds while a macro adds to an existing set of key cmds. Is this correct?

Not exactly. But it’s very simple.

The tables on the left are the available key commands. This goes for macros too. You create macros and they stay there, available for assignment.

Presets are like “Profiles” or “Banks” for key command assignments. You can have a preset “1” where pressing the key “V” is assigned to keycommand A, and then a preset “2” where pressing the key “V” is assigned to keycommand B. This way, you can make different presets for different tasks (using the score editor, mixing, editing etc etc) and change between them, essentially remapping the whole keyboard to do different things per preset (if assignments are well thought-out.)

Macros are sequences of commands. Execute Command A, then B, then C, then D. You can assign keys to macros too, and fire them with one keypress. Macros you create stay there in the list of commands regardless of preset.

Hope it was somewhat clear.

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