Difference between LE and AI

I received Cubase LE with a fender amplifier that I purchased and installed the software.

I then realized I needed additional recording hardware… a UR12… and with that package came the offer to download AI.

This is really confusing and seems to be not very well documented. Whats the difference? Which one is better or are they equivalent?

I’ve have read that LE cant be “upgraded” to AI so presumably I have to uninstall LE.

I also notice that the LE version does not seem to be aware that the UR12 exists as a source for input and output… Hopefully this changes when I uninstall LE and I have the UR12 connected to the computer while installing AI.

Ok so I did not see any way to uninstall the old version of Cubase LE under windows… all that shows up is the eLicenser Control and the Yamaha driver (Noob gripe: Why are these elements not called “Cubase… something”, What the heck is the relationship between Cubase, Yamaha, and Steinberg? very confusing for noobs).

Did not want to uninstall these other items so I installed the downloaded Cubase AI and got it all registered.

Go into the program files directory and it looks like Cubase LE is still there… dont know if its necessary and dont like the idea of unnecessary cruft like this sitting on my hard drive … but whatever… AI now appears to load and work.

BTW: this may seem like a lot of bitching… but I am an experienced computer user and I am demonstrating some of the pain points in the hope that someone on the Steinberg/Cubase/Yamaha side is paying attention.