Difference between parts and score with enharmonic spelling

I have changed a note in the part from F double sharp to G (alt + =). The part is changed, the score isn’t changed and displays F double sharp.
I have changed a note in the part from C to D (alt + arrow up). The part is changed, the score also (D).

What is wrong?

There’s an option in the Notation Options > Accidentals (all the way at the bottom) that a particular flow can prefer simpler accidentals? It’s not a per-layout option though. Is there more than one flow involved?
Post the file so we can have a look?

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Hi John, here is the file. Can you remove the file when you’ve got it?
hemel3.dorico.zip (667 KB)

Enharmonic changes are local whereas sounding pitch changes are global…

I am likely not understanding something correctly, but I have noticed other things not carrying over between score and parts. It seems some (not all) things I changed manually on the score from the default revert back to the default in the part. For example, the type of hairpin I put on the score is the “cresc…” type but it reverts to the regular one on the part. Some of the positions of various playing techniques are also not carrying over. I can go back and change the parts manually but I’m wondering if this is supposed to work this way?

AFAIK it is supposed to work like that. In some situations you want different formatting in the score and parts, for example system and frame breaks, or formatting tweaks associated with multirests.

The thing that is not implemented yet is a “copy all the manual formatting in the score to the parts” command, or something similar.

OK, but my enharmonic tweaks were carried over… so its not everything.

Hello. I’m using Dorico 3.5 and the respelling of accidentals carries on from the score to the parts and vice-versa, even if I set the properties, in the property panel, to : “local only”.
It’s really a bummer for transposed instruments, like clarinet for example.
Is there a way to have different spelling of accidentals between the score and the parts ?
The only way I found is to have one file for the score and another for the parts. But if I need to change an important thing, like a note for example, I need to correct it twice (in the “score file” and in the “parts file”).
Any help would be welcome.

A quick confirmatory test here indicates that Dorico 3.5 works the same way as every other version of Dorico:

  1. Respelling in a score layout will update the part layout.
  2. Respelling in a part layout will not update the score layout.
  3. Once a note has been respelled in a part layout, it is unlinked - subsequent respelling in the score will not affect the part.

All of these statements are true regardless of the Set local properties setting.
All of these statements are true regardless of the Concert/Transposed pitch setting for either or both score and part layout.

If you have a Dorico project that contradicts any of this, please upload it to the forum.


No you’re right. Either there was a temporary bug, or I dreamed it.
I can’t know for sure, for I restarted Dorico in the meantime.
Thanks for your quick answer, it helped me recheck what I just tried, and everything is in order, as you said.
It’s a big relief !