Difference between soundsets l & ll ?

I’m using the bundled “light” HSO installed & purchased in C5 & updated with C6. Though the manual clearly explains the difference between A & B soundsets, I haven’t found any mention of I & II soundsets. (for instance, “Violins I A combi” vs “Violins II A combi”) I can’t distinguish between the two when playing them so I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me.


Mike :sunglasses:

A Symphonic Orchestra is often divided into two violin-sections, the first and second violins. Violin I and Violin II.

The first violins usually play the melodic line and the second violins (can) play the harmonic line, or a different melodic line, or the same melodic line, one octave lower.


OK now I feel dumb.:blush: I should’ve known that. Thanks Jeke.