Difference between to markings

I’m starting to dig a bit deeper into text styles, and I’m finding some things I don’t understand—hoping to find some help here.

I’ve attached two screenshots of a tempo markings. One (bold/non-italic) is appears to be a standard Tempo marking that I input using the Tempo popover, and it defaulted correctly to the Immediate Tempo setting.

The non-bold/italic one is different, and while I thought I entered it as system text (at that point I had decided I preferred that a tempo be non-bold/italic), I really cannot figure out now how I entered it, given that the label at the bottom of the screen still appears to indicate that it is a Tempo entry.

Can anyone help me sort it out—what is the difference between the two?


One is a Gradual Tempo change and the other is an Immediate Tempo change. Is there any chance you’ve created something that would be parsed by Dorico as a gradual change, such as accel or stringendo, changed the text, and forgot about it?

I don’t think so, LS. I found several examples of the italic (Gradual Tempo) version throughout the score.

But having said that, until I hear a better speculation as to how I might have done it, your suggestion seems logical. For example, I might have done what you said and then option-clicked copies of it…