Difference between "VSTi" and "VSTi tracks"

The reason I’m asking what is the difference between “VSTi” and “VSTi tracks” can be seen in the following pictures:

Project Window - screenshot (first eight VSTi tracks look different)

Version comparison chart - screenshot

I know that VSTi refers to a virtual instrument instance where one can load programs (plug-ins) that will receive MIDI information and play the corresponding samples. What I don’t know is why the first 8 tracks in the first screenshot look differently (if by VSTi we refer only to virtual instrument instances).

Hope someone can shed some light on my humble post.

The white bar on the first eight tracks indicates they are mapped to a controller. I assume you have a controller with 8 knobs that can be assigned to parameters in Cubase?

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I have a 25 key MIDI keyboard connected that has 8 assignable knobs on it. I believe I haven’t done my homework on Cubase parameters…

Anyway, the only thing I wanted to know is if there’s any difference in terms of functionality between the first 8 instrument tracks (with a vertical white line ) and the other ones (without any white line on them)…

Not at all. It’s as @jaslan says. The only thing the line signifies is that an external controller is controlling this bank of 8 channels. (If you add tracks, any type will do , and change the controller’s bank, you’ll see the vertical line move to the 8 next tracks)

Wonderful answer. Thank you so much!
I recently played with the “Mackie Control remote device”. @Steve suggested I could use it to send Bars and Beats information to an external MIDI device (not necessarily an MCU unit). It appears that this was the cause for that 8 track white line. Mistery solved.

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