"Difference" curve in loudness analysis seems reversed


I made a loudness analysis with the new (very useful) tool “ANALYSIS”

Version A is the original Mix (low loudness)
Version B is the mastered file (higher loudness)

If I choose Difference A minus B, I shoud have negative values, since B is louder than A

But the curve is on the positive side.

And vice versa.

Do I misunderstand this ??

Thank you

You can choose the positive side:


Eg :
Mastered (B) minus Original (A) :
-5dB-(-10dB)=5dB is a positive value but the curve is on the negative side.

You are right. The menu options should be inverted. I will change it for WaveLab 12.0.20.
In the mean time, use the other menu option.

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Thank you :pray: