Difference? HALion 3/4, Sonic, SE etc.

I’m pretty confused with the differences in the HALion product line?
Looking for some hints and clues as to what is the best route to go.

So there’s HALion 3 and a new version 4 coming out soon??
Then there’s HALion Sonic and HALionSE (which comes as be part of C6?)
And finally HSO and The Grand 3 which I’m thinking are add on libraries to HALion Sonic??
I just got C6 and I would like to maybe purchase some of the trial versions.
HALion Sonic is $199 to activate (which is more than the C6 upgrade!)
HALion 3 is $299 (I don’t think I need that)
and HSO and Grand 3 are $99 each.
So far I like the HALionSonic sounds but not sure about HSO and Grand.
Please help me with my confusion!

All “current” HALion instruments are using the HALion “4” engine, EXCEPT for HALion 3, as expected.

HALion Sonic SE, is a “HALion” sound player (with 8 Quick Controls to manipulate the play).
One cannot “edit” sounds, hence referenced a “player”.

HALion Sonic, is a HALion workstation with an editor along with the player part from the SE version.
As expected one can also edit sounds here. This is probably enough for what most people need.
(I like this one a lot. I cannot wait for HALion 4!)

HALion 4, is the HALion sampler. Like HALion 3, but revamped and updated with the latest technologies.
Obviously this one opens up the engine for anyone that wants to perform major sound surgery.

As to the specifics on the differences between the sampler and the workstation, I cannot help, since HALion 4 has not yet been released. :slight_smile: BUT, if interested, check out the HALion 4 blog on the Steinberg site. There are some hints to the differences. A lot of the information there appears to be for HALion Sonic, but the same concepts apply, since they run on the same engine.

HSO is more or less a sound expansion, you can buy a license (cheap) and it plays through HALion Sonic SE, so since you have Cubase, you install it using the one DVD and the programs shows up in HS SE. A nice set of sounds, though HS comes with quite a bit of “orchestral” sounds.

I am not familiar with The Grand, so I cannot help you there, sorry. I believe it’s a stand alone instrument though, not an expansion so to speak.

Hope that helps, mate.

Thanks for the info Elektrobolt
Since getting C6 with these trials versions, I’m really liking the HALion Sonic!
Just don’t know if I want to buy the activation for HS or wait for H4.
I already have NI Komplete so Kontakt as a sampler works, not sure if H4 would be better or worth the $$.
Maybe HS would be a better choice…I definitely like the sounds!

No problem at all.

I am not sure I can (or should) influence you either way. I like HALion 3, and I also like HALion Sonic, so I am sure that H4 will be outstanding.

One of the really cool new features that came with VST3, and HALion Sonic (and SE), is Note Expression. I think this adds a whole new way of editing (and playing, naturally) music. Since expressions are kept WITH the note, this should help reduce micro-editing once an expression has been applied and therefor speed up the workflow as a whole. This of course also applies to H4. :slight_smile: