difference in entering rests from 1.1 and 1.2

1.1: entered rests by selecting note value, then rest symbol and hit a note on the keyboard.
1.2 this does not work. I do the above, hit a note on the keyboard and not rest, but can enter notes (thankful for little things).
but when I hit the d key on the computer keyboard, the rest will appear when set as above. haven’t read the pdf yet but will tomorrow.
am I missing something or is there a bug?

I’m not sure I follow you, I’m afraid. We haven’t intentionally changed the way rest “input” works – you still normally never need to input rests and can simply hit Space to advance the caret by the duration currently selected on the notes panel, and if you do hit , to engage rest mode, I certainly still find that typing e.g. A-G or even the new Y key command works as I would expect. Can you provide a few more details?

1.1 if I had a blank measure (working on mutli-movement (flows) work for chorus and orchestra-my pattern (we obviously develop patterns for entering music that are automatic and we know works) I would click on an empty measure, have exact rhythm button active, get the entry caret at the beginning of the measure, choose the duration and the rest symbols, hit a midi keyboard note to produce the designated rest at the beginning of the measure. worked every time. then turned off the rest button, chose a duration and hit a note on the midi keyboard to get a note.

1.2 when I do the above and hit the midi keyboard, no rest appears: if I turn off the rest button, and hit a key on the midi keyboard, a pitch appears as before.

now, if I hit the d key on the computer keyboard with the rest and duration button selected, the rest occurs. not upset by the difference (if there is any and I am doing something that I am unaware off). easy enough to hit the computer key d instead of the midi keyboard. just have to change my automatic response to wanting to enter a rest in the score of a selected duration.

If I first enter a pitch with the midi keyboard then follow it with a rest with any note on the midi keybaord and the rest button on, it does produce a rest.

again, confused but not important. the result is consistent and have to do a bit of retraining (or may training since I might not have understood it to begin with).

Hi burtonbeerman.

Just wondering what exact rhythm button is — and wondering how you make it active.
[Edit] : Do you mean “Force duration” ?

rhythm button is the duration and it is active by clicking on it. I usually leave for duration on.

methinks the disconnect might be thus:
I have had the same struggle trying to input rests, say a dotted quarter at the beginning of a measure, only to realize instead of inputting a rest, I should advance the caret to a beat and a half, then input the starting note I want to appear after the rest. Dorico will adjust the leading rest.
Is this the same situation?

This advancing-the-caret technique for rests was also confusing to me at first, mainly because (at least for notation programs) it is a new idea. Now I completely love it, and I use it all the time. I was able to input a whole Bach fugue (C minor WTC I) this morning in less than 15 minutes.

yes, advancing the caret is the elegant way to do it, although it does not answer why (in 1.1) I could click on a duration, then the rest button at the beginning of a measure with the caret active then hit the keyboard and the rest would appear at the specified duration. at this point it is confusing as to what was and what is and not important. in 1.2 I am using the advance caret then enter first note and all is well.

There seems to be something odd here. In the attached graphic, the LH piano rests were done in Dorico 1.1. The percussion rests are what Dorico 1.2 creates, and I have not yet found a way to replicate the 1.1 rest sequence.

Boscoverdi, you should find that if you switch on Force Durations and then engage rest mode, and input the rests with the desired durations, you get what you want.