Differences Between Score & Parts Formats (Master Pages)

I find I can create a letter sized Score or a Tabloid sized score from the same Master Page and (unless I have crammed too much into a field) the pages look fine. I expect the same is true of Parts layouts. Aside from the default Part/Layout name in the Parts Master Page, is there any major difference in the Score and Parts pages (other than Dorico’s system of automatically assigning a part layout to each Player)?

I guess my question boils down to this: can I assign a score Master Page to a Part layout (via the existing layout option to assign a Master Page)? The reason I ask is that I find myself creating custom Master Pages for both Score and Parts that essentially add the same fields in the same locations, and I am wondering whether I could save myself half the work by designing a single Master Page (for example) to leave room for text cues at the start of each flow? (Or is that what a Custom Master Page is for?)

Yes, you could certainly assign Part master pages to Score layouts, or vice versa. I’ve done that on occasion. The only differences between Part and Score master pages are the obvious slight layout differences, but no hidden settings.

I use the same master page for different layouts as well. For instance for Orchestra and Piano in concertos.

But be careful if the two page definitions are different: size, margins and so on, because the results may be strange…

Many thanks for your help.
(I’m still trying to figure out what I would use a Custom Master Page for.)