Different AudioPaste bug

I noticed this several weeks ago but I thought I was doing something wrong but still today I’m having the following problem.

A few weeks ago I copied audio from Alchemy to paste into Cubasis. But ever since then this audio is stuck on Cubasis’s pastebaord. No matter what audio I copy from different apps, only the Alchemy audio appears. I can copy from Sunrizer and paste into Multitrack Daw and Garageband no problem but if I try to paste into Cubasis it’s a no go.

Edit:this is not a bug, further reading in this thread will clarify things.

Video attached to thread no longer relevant.

I face the same problem :cry:


if you experience problems in finding your files in the pasteboard of Audiocopy try clicking the second line (the one which is labeled “Source:” and has little arrow to its right, see attachment). This reveals the General Pasteboard that contains your copied files. Note that several applications, including Sunrizer, only support Audiocopy via the General Pasteboard. Thus, the corresponding files will not be shown with the app name.

If you have further issues let me know.

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Both Sunrizer and SampleTank audio file show up as “General Pasteboard” when searching as per Frieder’s suggestion. There may be other apps that also use just the general pasteboard.

…something important to note. I had asked Frieder if there was a way to clear the existing items on the clipbaord because mine had several items and the list was growing with every new copied audio.

Well after some research, this is what I’ve learned. The audio copy/paste clipboard will hold up to 12 items plus 1 item for apps using the General Pasteboard route. After that, any new audio copied will replace the the older items one by one.

On the one hand this may seem to be annoying but it may actually come in handy for times when you want to re-use some recently copied audio without having to go back to that app to recreate it.

Still, this will all be mute once all the top apps get on board with audiobus. :smiley:

Okay so I think I’ve got this all figured out now.

  1. some apps use the proper audio copy/paste protocol. If you copy from these apps, they will give you a list of other compatible apps to paste into and that copied audio will always be the first choice when you select audio paste in Cubasis.

  2. if you are using an app like Sunrizer or SampleTank, when you select audio paste in Cubasis your copied item may not be the immediate choice so you will have click on ‘source’ to access the general pasteboard.

  3. so this isn’t a Cubasis bug but rather an annoying workaround based on there not being just one standard for audio copy/paste across all music apps.

A new forum topic and support video has been posted here. https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=33370