Different bar counts in different rows?


I am trying Dorico 3.1 SE to create sheets of my printed versions of sheets.

I want dorico to look exactly like the sheet on the paper.

But Dorico places the bars like Dorico want them to place not like I want.

For example:
First row: 5 bars
Second row: 4 bars

Dorico creates
First row: 4 bars
Second row 5 bars

What can I do to tell Dorico the number of bars per row I want to see in the resulting page?

You can introduce a System Break from the Edit menu, or you can use the Casting Off settings within Layout Options > Staves and Systems.

A system break creates a new system with an own number and with a new header.
Thats not what I need?

In the Layout Options I can only setup a fixed number of bars per line?

Actually, re-reading your initial post, I think you’re going to have to trick Dorico into putting five bars on the first system, by tightening the Note Spacing. Typically one would use a pair of System Breaks with the “wait for next” property set, but this is an Engrave mode thing, and Dorico SE doesn’t give you access to Engrave mode.

Go to Layout Options > Note Spacing and reduce the top number from 4 to e.g. 3.5 . Then Apply. You might need to experiment with lowering this number further until Dorico pushes bar five onto the first system.

It’s easy in SE to force Dorico to push bars onto the next system (using System Breaks); it’s impossible to force Dorico SE to pull bars back onto the previous system.

Thank you

But if I use system breaks, MIDI playback is not working over appended Systems and the bar count starts new at every system.

The count of bars in each line/row should be a basic in alle Dorico versions !!!

So I cannot use Dorico for simple formatting and I will try to use another software for example PRIMUS where you can easily format your output.

Most of Dorico seems to be very useful and it is a well done software.
But without the basics only available in the expensive pro version it is not build for me as a little hobby musician :wink:

It sounds like you’re using multiple flows rather than simply adding extra bar to an existing flow. Can you zip up and attach the project you’re working on so we can take a look?

Hi Daniel


Before I do this, could you please tell me how I can create a user defined count of bars in each row of ONE FLOW?
I am german and in german ist is called “Partie” and if I try to insert a break, a new “Partie” is created.

I repeat my question:
I let Dorico create a LEAD sheet one instrument with 20 bars.
And I want a user formatted sheet like this for a better separation(overview of chorus and refrain and repeats:

row1: 4 bars
row2: 5 bars
row3: 3 bars
row4: 6 bars
row5: 2 bars

from the Dorico created layout of 4,4,4,4,4 bars.

Is this possible, like you say, by deleting and adding extra bars in one flow?

I am a programmer. And I would use the system tray to handle such aspects.
There you can add and delete bars. So why not insert an editable Linefeed for that position in the sheet?

Let me just revise my earlier post with the Dorico functions translated to their German versions. I’m pretty sure the instructions I gave were comprehensive and accurate, but I hadn’t realised there was potentially a language barrier.

I was talking about Bearbeiten > Systembruche, which is not the same thing as Partie hinzufügen.

Oh, and if you want to add or remove bars to a flow (Partie), from any selected item you can type Shift+B 16 Enter (to add 16 bars) or Shift+B -12 Enter (to remove 12 bars).

Thx pianoleo

Bearbeiten / Systemumbruch is what I was looking for.
But there is another problem now.
The first Systemumbruch works fine.
But the second Systemumbruch creates a lot of space between the lines and I dont know why and how to avoid that.
I tried a lot of space parameters, but none worked for me.

See step 5 on this page: https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v2/de/dorico/topics/engrave_mode/engrave_mode_staves_systems_vertical_justification_changing_t.html