Different bar number settings for parts & score?

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to have different bar number font settings in the parts and the score?

I’m always using pretty large and bold bar numbers, centered under every bar below the bottom staff in the score, and this large numbers doesn’t fit very well in the parts, where I’m using the standard setting.(at the beginning of every staff)

  1. Something happened with the “blue” bar numbers (in the score only), where do I edit their appearance?
    Now they’re too big and wrong positioned. I’ve been looking through all menus and settings but I can find but I still can’t find any relevant settings.
  1. You can’t yet change the font and size for bar numbers between layouts, but we do plan to allow this soon.

  2. I’m not sure how you’ve managed to modify the font style used for the bar numbers in galley view. Unfortunately that font style doesn’t appear in the Engrave > Font Styles dialog, so you can’t edit it back again.

Hmm, strange… Well, it seems that it doesn’t affect older fils, only newly created. Is there maybe a pref. file somewhere that I can delete to get rid of this strange setting?

When it comes to these bar numbers it’d be great if they showed up on the topmost visible staff and not the actual top staff. (like in Sibelius) Otherwise you won’t see them when zoomed in on a large score.

No, unfortunately that setting is integral to that project file now.

WIll this feature be implemented in the next update?

Unfortunately not: it requires quite a big change and we’ve not yet had a chance to work on this, but it remains in our plans.

Thanks Daniel for your answer.
I am glad that this feature remains considered.
It would also solve the often asked feature for large numbers at the bottom of the score.
This is what I use for my scores.
And yes I am aware that positioning bar numbers at the bottom of the score is already there, but of course using large numbers is not appropriate for parts.