Different Beamings in Odd Meters

This is kind of complicated… Working on a Scriabin prelude in 5/8, where the RH has 5 eighths beamed together, but the LH has ‘dotted-quarter tied to quarter’. At first, I used a lot of ‘beam together’ and ‘force duration’, but then I got inspired, and did the following:

  1. In the time sig pop over I wrote [5]/8, which beamed all the eights together, but notated the LH as ‘half tied to eighth’.
  2. In the time sig panel, I created a 5/8 time sig, and alt-clicked in on the left hand, which gave me the default subdivision of ‘dotted-quarter tied to quarter’.

All good, and I pat myself on the back.

However, what if I wanted ‘quarter tied to dotted-quarter’? I don’t see a way to redefine the default subdivision in the time sig panel, or alternatively, I don’t see a way to use the pop-over to create a time sig for just one staff. Are any of these doable?

It’s actually very easy in Dorico:


I did not realize alt+enter was an option. Amazing.

One extra question for Daniel (?):
I doesn’t seem to make a difference, if I write [1+1+1+1+1]/8 or [5]/8 in the popover? Didn’t find an option in the notation options, where this would male a change.
No hurry for an answer!