Different behaviour of key changes – how to solve?

Hi there!

Beginner’s problem again.

I have two key changes, 1) happens at a page break, 2) happens at the »D.C. al Segno«-point.

Both key changes are automatics by Dorico. So, is there any possibility to have two identical key changes? Means, that in 2) its like in 1): double bar line then »b« instead of »b« then double bar line?
I have no idea how to do it …
Thanks in advance!

PS: In 2) didn’t find any possibility to bring the »b« closer to the barline on the right (its already a 32th-grid i have used to move the b) – is there any possibility to bring the b closer if there is no possibility to make 1) and 2) identical?

Example 2 does look very strange. Did you enter the key change at the end of measure 110 or at the start of 111?

At 111. Thats the result. In instrumental parts it looks even stranger.

You may want to post a zipped version of the file, or e-mail it to Daniel with a link back to this thread, for further analysis.

It looks to me like the key signature has been created at the wrong position. Select the key signature at the end of the bar with the D.C. and delete it, then select the first note or rest at the start of the Coda and create the key signature again. You should then not see the unexpected “cautionary” key signature at the end of the D.C.

Thanks everybody!

@Daniel: I did, what you suggested to do. Thx! Now it looks clean again. But: the D.C. goes from Bb-maj back to F-maj. Is it correct, that Dorico doesn’t show an indication for the key change at the end of a system (Sorry, I don’t know the english term for it) like in 1.png (see above) any more? It would be great to show this indication somehow. :slight_smile:

At the moment, Dorico doesn’t know how to show cautionary markings at the end of a section that is jumping back earlier in the piece, but that’s something we will address in a future version.

Couldn’t you fake it by setting the rhythmic grid to a small value, adding a small beat to the end, and adding a key change at that rhythmic location?

Thanks Daniel and dankreider!
@dankreider, yes thats a possibility I will try, since I know that there is no automatism at the moment for such a situation.