Different BPMs for Polymetric

Hi! We are planing to record some polymetric stuff.

So basically we need some polymetric notation.

I know that Dorico can have different time signatures per staff but there’s another problem:

I just figured it out in two other ways (the first way doesn’t really do what I wanted)



But I’d like to have something like this:

Is there a way to do this? Like two different BPM (if you calculate that the first trumpet plays 4 quarter notes in 100 bpm, the second trumpet should play 5 quarter notes in 125 bpm)

You’re not far off. The second screenshot will play exactly as you want, you just need to hide the bracket and number for the tuplet.

If you want to display 5/4 on the bottom, there’s a way around that.

Sorry I didn’t receive a mail from Steinberg that you answered my question. Thank you very much I will try that trick!