Different cautionary accidentals settings in the same flow?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have different cautionary accidentals settings in the same flow? I’m working on a piece with unmeasured sections (where it’s desirable to have an accidental on every note), and measured sections (where they are annoying)
Is there an accidentals equivalent to the “note spacing change” option in Engrave Mode? If not, is there a way I can have a new flow carry on the same system as the previous?

This is a hard “no”.

Another two "no"s, I’m afraid.

Probably easiest to set stuff up for your measured sections, then select the unmeasured sections, Filter Notes and Chords, Filter Deselect Tuplets (if you can’t already see the “Notes” properties), then set the Accidental property to Show. You’ll want to make sure that the Set Local Properties Locally/Globally switch is set to Global first, if this Flow is assigned to multiple Layouts.

Ah, I was afraid of that! Your suggestion is really helpful, though @pianoleo, thanks so much!