Different chord symbols in Ossia Staff?

Hey all,
I’d like to put a row of alternate chord symbols into an Ossia staff, is this possible?



I don’t know about these, but I resolved the alternative chord, by a picture above the chord diagram.

You can add it in Engrave mode-Engrave option-Chord symbols-Edit (at the very bottom).

Or double klik on the chord diagram in Engrave mode + frame editor.


Thx Borutt,

I was hoping for a native solution… right now I’m dragging stuff in Engrave mode… :wink:


It’s not possible, I’m afraid. You can have local chord symbols for one instrument, but you can’t have a separate set of chord symbols for different staves of the same instrument.

Thx Daniel!
This situation happens seldom enough to not warrant a feature request… :slight_smile:



I’v got some little better solution.
Use the Playing Technique
Engrave mode: Engrave-Playing Techniques.
It open the same window, but than its easier to manage.

It appear in the dialog box on the right, and you can put chord one above the other as much you like.