Different chords on different staves

Hi, is there any way to have different chords on different staves? I currently have vocals with guitar chords above them and a keyboard part below. The guitar chords are copied to the keyboard staff, but the keyboard chords are slightly different. I would like to break this inheritance. This is easy in Sibelius and I’m thinking about switching to Dorico. If this feature is not available, will it be in the future? Thanks in advance!

Hi Martin, absolutely - for one of the staves, perhaps the keyboard, you can input local chord symbols. Those will then only belong to the keyboard. A little more info about the difference between local and global chord symbols is described here.

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Yea, but we can’t hear local chords in playback mode(I mean, after we click play button), right? Mabye in future?

That’s correct, at the moment only global chord symbols appear in the chord track in Play mode and are played back. It’s a bit of a tricky user interface challenge to present options for using local chord symbols instead and it’s not been something that we’ve chosen to focus on as yet, but we certainly don’t rule it out for the future.

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Lillie, Perfect! This is exactly what I wanted and it works perfectly. Thanks so much! I don’t need the keyboard chords to play back at this time, just the guitar, so everything works as I needed.