Different chords on multiple staves


One question. I would like to put two different chords for two instruments.

Guitar 1 - Normal chords (like Piano and other instruments)
Guitar 2 - Chords with no 3rd

So I only need to change the ones on Guitar 2 line.
Any way I can achieve this? Something like the “unlink” function for Dynamics…


That’s an interesting situation. It could also come up if one were to use more complex chords on a piano part than could easily be played on a guitar. Doubtless this will not affect everyone but is an interesting challenge should Dorico decide to work on it.

That’s definitely a must have feature! Daniel, what about Shift+Alt+Q to create an unlinked chord symbol? At the moment, the only workaround is Shift+X.

I can’t say when it will be possible to have two different chord symbols at the same rhythmic position, but you should be able to achieve what you need to by creating a chord symbol at the next rhythmic position, e.g. by setting the rhythmic grid to something small like 16th (semiquaver), then hitting creating a chord symbol one 16th after the position where the original chord symbol is found. You can then hide the new chord symbol on the staff or staves on which it should not appear, hide the original chord symbol on the staff or staves on which it should not appear, and nudge the new one into position in Engrave mode.

Ok tried many solutions. For now the easiest way it’s to duplicate the flow and edit chords, for the Guitar 2 part.
For full score I guess I’ll go back to Illustrator once again.

For me it’s more important to have the chance to create a Drumkit line in Dorico, as for now I’m just faking it. The rest can wait, so no worries for this.

This something that I am experiencing right now as I finalise the music preparation for a broadway musical. On several occasions over the musical, the orchestrator has specified a simpler chord in the guitar part than what is written elsewhere in other parts - example: the keyboard books have a C11 chord, but the orchestrator wants this simplified to a C chord in the guitar part. I will try Daniel’s work around, I am very loathed to create a separate flow, as there are already a large number of flows (essentially,1 flow for each cue), and creating extra flows starts to give overall editing problems overall on a cue.