Different clef between C score and transposing part?

Whether to show Flow Headings is an option set separately for each layout in Layout Options (although you can select any combination of layouts and select it once for all or any subset thereof).

I know, but as you can see in the screenshot the flow titles in the clarinet part are shown on page 1 and 2 but then on page 3 they disappear. I use a different master page for this page. But it’s the same as for the flute part - that shows the flow titles as expected. I really have no idea what the reason could be…
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What does the right panel of Engrave mode look like? Does page 3 of the Clarinet part have a red corner, indicating an override? If so, any changes you make to the master page won’t affect page 3 until you remove the override.

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The moment I create page 3 there is a red corner. Obviously I’m doing something wrong… I have 6 flows. Flow 5 and 6 don’t appear in my part layout since my master page is configured this way. I need a different layout for page 5 and 6. So - as far as I get it up to now - I have to create a new page (3) and define a new master page (what I did) and use this master page for page 3. Then everything worked fine for the flute but not for all the other instruments. Now after I remove all changes and did create page 3 again the flow headings disappeared in the flute part as well…
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This is one of those situations where if you post the project (or even a cut down version of the project), rather than pictures, you’ll likely get a very quick answer.

Are there any Flow Header Changes in the right panel of Engrave mode? What happens if you add one to page 3, telling it to use the Default Flow Headers?

Unfortunately I could not post the project since the file could not be attached…

Did you zip it first? The forum software does not accept files with a “.dorico” extension.
If it will not attach because the software says the file is too large, try setting the Playback Template to Silent, which should make the file noticeably smaller.

It’s still too large…

ok. I solved it.

Since I have a German Version it’s not so easy to describe to you:

First I create a new page with the desired master page. Then I have to select change master page from the page dropdown menu. Now the staffs are there but still no flow titles…

And then I have to select the 3rd menu item from the same dropdown menu - Seitenabweichungen entfernen…
And all of a sudden the flow titles appear…

I did this for all of the parts and it worked fine - don’t ask me why, because it seems a bit complicated to me.

Rob, apart from the Salvation Army’s Red Shield band, which uses French horns to play standard brass band music. It sounds great IMO!

Yeah, I forgot about the SA, whose rules and regulations about what they are allowed to play and how they are allowed to play it are more draconian than even the Brass Band Movement’s fixation on standard instrumentation for competitions.

There isn’t a “right answer.” In a standard brass band the trombones are the only narrow bore brass instruments. If you replace the wide bore horns with French horns, you still have the overall timbre split down the middle. Of course if you add woodwind and saxes to the mix as well, it doesn’t matter so much.

The Salvation Army are much less restrictive now (as they had always been elsewhere in the world). Players can now be in SA bands and contesting bands. The music is all available for anyone to play. They’ve had some nice arrangers and composers over the years.