Different Clef in Score vs Part

Likely I’m overlooking something obvious.

I’m writing for baritone saxophone. Transposing score is working fine. However, in the full score (in concert pitch) I want to display the baritone sax part using bass clef. But when I change to bass clef in the full score, it also changes to bass clef in the part.

How do I change the clef in the full score without also changing it in the part? Or put another way - how can I “unlink” the clefs in the full score and parts?

Is it possible that you did not notice this thread ? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=122747
Be sure you check in the forum for same questions :wink:

Actually I did see it - but the discussion about urtext confused this “bear of very little brain”. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile - that thread did not offer any solution.

You’re not (yet) able to change these stuff manually unless you edit the instruments.xml file (which I don’t recommend to anyone).
However - Dorico already contains a preset that does the magic.
When you add a new baritone saxophone, make sure to select the ‘bass clef full score’ version.
You can change existing instruments by clicking the arrow next to the players name (setup mode)" and then the arrow next to the instrument name

andgle: Thanks! That did the trick.