Different Color for Linear Timebase button

Musical Timebase is yellow, that stands out nicely from the all the other buttons, since they are gray. One can almost instantly scan the whole project from top to bottom to see if any of the tracks are in Musical Timebase. Very nice.

But Linear Timebase is also gray … so it is impossible to do the same thing, since it doesn’t stand out from the other buttons. Instead, have to look in detail at every track … frustrating, and a horrible time waster, compared to Musical Timebase.

Recommendation: Make the Linear Timebase button Green - so can super speed scan the whole project from top to bottom, and instantly identify whether a track is in one mode or the other.

Note: “Not yellow” doesn’t mean the track is in Linear Timebase … it’s possible that it is in Musical Timebase, but the button is hidden by some wrap-around issue.

Thanks for reading -