Different distances above staves for different types of text?

I wonder what I am doing wrong or if I am making a mistake in thinking.

Look here: »1.« is an automatically written player’s number in a condensed score, »con sord« is a playing technique.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-11 um 18.53.37
Both sorts of text are on the same height. But if you look at the settings in engraving options, you can see that I had to type in totally different distances in order to get the same distance for these two types of text:

Ok, the first one is a default distance, the second a minimum distance. But in my example there is nothing than a simple staff line. No other text, object, nothing …

So is there any possibility to get different sorts of text on the same height automatically (if there are no obstacles like notes, slurs, whatever, … around)?

I’m sure there are some inconsistencies in the way some of these Engraving Options are applied depending on the item type on which they operate. However, on the face of it, I would think that the player label is a lot further away than the Engraving Option would suggest, so it would be helpful if you could attach a minimal project example with these settings so I can take a closer look.

Example for Daniel.dorico.zip (875.9 KB)
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: