Different Distances of Right and Left Tie Ends Between Note Heads, Depending on Tie Direction

For short ties, I find myself manually tweaking the ends of ties. Finale and Sibelius always allowed a shift of one end, depending on the direction of the tie, because of the note head shape.


If you manage to select one of the handles in Engrave Mode, it should be possible here as well.

Hi @gplumblee this is what I have with the Dorico factory Engraving options (see picture).
Did you change any of this settings (or any other settings for ties)?, especially the Gap between center of noteheads and tie ends: whose default is 0.

(Anyway in engrave mode you can easily select the tie and with the TAB key you can go through the selection points, and with shift+TAB in the opposite direction, and adjust them with the shortcuts, or just use the properties panel)

Thanks guys. I have been tweaking these in Engrave Mode, yes. Christian, my setting for that is the factory default, which is fine since I place all ties between note heads. I did reduce the gap before and after tie ends between note heads by a 16th of a space.


I’m wondering if ties that go to the center of the note head like slurs do is a European thing?? Sibelius has that option, as well, and I don’t ever recall seeing music with ties that position this way. To me, that was always one of the big distinctions between ties and slurs.

All the scores in my collection (European and American) appear to centre ties on noteheads. Your little tie looks most strange to me.

Re-reading my post, I supposed I asked for that, Janus. LOL But I was serious in my question and wondered how many people do it that way. Since the early '90s, I have worked with editors at Alfred Publishing, Kjos Music, Hal Leonard, The Francis Clark Center…. None of them had me put ties around notes instead of between them. So now I’m just curious, and I appreciate your feedback.

Perhaps it’s just a genre thing, and I’m out of date?

With a chord of several notes all tied, especially if any are “back notes” it looks neater (and perhaps clearer) to line up the ties like that. Otherwise, I always want ties to point toward center of the notehead, not the edge.