Different dynamics for staves in piano music

The manual says of voice specific dynamics:

they allow you to give different dynamics to each staff for instruments with extra staves.

But I don’t see how to assign one dynamic to the bottom staff and a different one to the top staff when there are multiple voices in each staff. Say I want all the top staff voices to be p and all the bottom staff voices to be f. How do you actually do this? Is the manual somewhat misleading? i have lots of voices and I don’t want to be adding dynamics to all the constantly changing voices un LH and RH, just a general one for each staff, in many parts of the work I am setting.

The manual is still just talking about voice-specific dynamics here, so I’m sorry if that’s misleading – that sentence is designed to be helpful to people with a simpler formulation of a single voice part on each staff, where they want the RH treble staff to be louder than the LH bass staff.

In your case, you might prefer to use the Dynamics editor – set a reasonable dynamic level for all the voices according to their staff, and only add dynamics as notations where you actually want to display them in the music?

So I think that sentences needs refining or expansion, as it gives one the mistaken impression it is possible for two stave piano music.

Out of interest, what instruments use two or more staves with only one voice per staff? My mind is a blank.

I’ve added it to my list for review.

(It’s surely not completely out of the question for some passages of relatively simple piano music to be a single voice per staff? Or for one extra/ossia staff to contain a single-voiced additional line?)

Use the key editor for this kind of thing, it’s so powerful! I’m talking about selecting notes on a staff, and setting up the key editor to statistic mode. You can raosebor lower the level of each note absolutely, relatively, increase or decrease the dynamic range, etc… It’s extremely powerful and very fast and easy. An underrated feature, I think.