Different (Export) Results Despite Same Events/Chain (Nulling Test Video)

Hello my fellow creators,

I am facing a consistency issue within my projects. I noticed an interlude of a song sounding a bit different in a new demo compared to an older version. I worked on drums inbetween those 2 versions. But I did not change the guitar events or guitar channels, groups nor the master. A nulling test allowed me to detect what could be the issue: Sudden 0.02ms offsets accuring withing the exports at certain points on the timeline. I purged the project from all samplers and solod the guitar group for the exports I did for the showcase video regarding this issue (link below). It did not change the nulling results. Fortunately, I save backups of almost every change/export I do. But even dragging all the events from the older project into the new one did result in the SAME outcome. The exports suffer from the sudden 0.02ms offset at the same exact locations on the timeline.

To make things worse:
The nulling “inconsistency” changes depending on how much of the song gets exported. This is what you can see in the video. I imported one shorter and one longer couple of files into the testing project. Then I go on to show what the difference is. The offset of 0.02ms kicking in at the marked position in the video. However, this situation is reversed when we do the same test with the longer files (as shown later in the video).

It is more about the loss of control than about the minor sound difference I noticed. Seems like I can never be sure whether or not what I do is set in stone as long as I don’t know the reason behind all this. That’s a nightmare.

The short video demonstration:

Consider the timestamps I added to the video description & comments section.

(I used a trashy backup mic because geforce rec does not record cubase audio. But it demonstrates the issue well nonetheless)


  • Cubase Version 9.5.30

    Input or help would be greatly appreciated!



Do you have some automation (Mute) on your Stereo Out Channel by any chance?