Different Font Sizes in Score and Parts


I have two types of parts. Some with 6mm and one with 7mm and of course, a score.
Is there any option to get the dynamic text in an absolute font size of 11pt in the parts and 9pt in the score? For now I just found the option for font size relative to the staff size or to change the size in score and parts in a absolute font size of 11pt (or 9pt)

Thanks in advance!

There’s no quick way to do this, but you could go through each part layout in turn, filter for the dynamics, then apply a custom scale factor via the Properties panel.

Well, exactly this I did. I take a standard text in my font size and compare it to the scale factor. I could help myself every time this way but of course it’s not very comfortable. Is there any hope that it will be possible in the future?
I ask because publishers very often have really exact wishes concerning the font size. And if it’s not possible to deliver the right size it’s not good for me and of course not for Dorico …

I’m not sure we will be able to provide a way of specifying three (or more) sizes for dynamics within the same project, but certainly the plan is to migrate as many of the notations that use font styles such that they use paragraph styles, which will allow one size for the full score and another for the parts.

In my case it were two necessary sizes (11pt for both 6mm and 7mm parts and 9pt for the score). But this are good news! Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hi, Daniel!

I hope that plan to move many of the notations to use paragraph styles is getting along well.
I write for concert band, which means e.g. tempo changes are almost unreadable for the conductor when scaled down with everything else.

Resizing them all via manual scaling is quite a pain to do (especially as you have to remember to do it every time you add something).

Thank you!