Different (free) key signatures in each system

Is it possible to write this? The example is from Bartoks Mikrokosmos.

hold down the option/alt key when you click a staff after selecting the key signature in the right side pane.


p.s. you have to create those key signatures first. Click the pencil sign under Tonality System and then + under key signatures to add your own.

Thank you, jesele, thats amazing!

What I achieved is this:

Is there a way to force the two sharps to the lower octave? The custom key signature is correct.

Seem like a bug to me since you can define them in the lower octave but they still end up an octave above.


It is indeed a bug, and one that should be fixed in the forthcoming 1.0.20 update.

This didn’t work for me. I want to create a system with 3 staves, the top one with no sharps or flats and the bottom two with one flat. I created the appropriate custom key signatures and tried using the option/alt key but Dorico changes all three staves simultaneously. What am I doing wrong?

You need to make sure that nothing is selected before you try to create the key signature. With nothing selected in the score, click the key signature in the right-hand panel, then hold Alt as you click into the score to place the key signature.