Different gaps between movements

I am writing a four-movement work for orchestra. The first two movements are stand-alone, whilst movement 3 runs straight into movement 4. During playback, Dorico inserts a 5 second gap between flows. I want 5 seconds between movements 1 & 2 and between movements 2 & 3, but zero between movements 3 & 4. It seems that the only way of adjusting this gap (Playback Options - Timing) adjusts all gaps, so I have to have the same gap between every movement. Is there any way around this? (Would be nice is inserting “Attacca” in the score instructed Dorico to remove the gap!)

Export your audio and use something like Audacity to edit the gaps. Simple.

Can you set the silence between flows to zero and then adjust the playback length of the final note of movements 1 & 2 and slow the tempo radically in Play mode to give you the five seconds you want?

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Not that simple at all. A movement has a particular reverb tail at the end, that can’t be cut, nor mixed in while the playback of the next movement starts.