Different Grid in Arranger Window than Edit Window

I wonder how this could happen. I recorded something and somehow during editing I got a different grid in Edit as compared to Arranger window. This does not make sense, I think, but I wonder how I got there :thinking: :thinking:

I uploaded the picture. In the upper arranger window you see the curser at position 5 and in the Edit is somwhere between 3 and 4.

Can anybody explain how I can make it the same again?


If you set the grid to “use quantize” then it will follow the quantize value. Is that what you mean?

I find it’s typically quite helpful to have quantize set to something like dotted-sixteenths, but the grid set to snap to beats, so separating them makes a lot of sense to me.

You set the ruler of the project view to Seconds instead of Bars&Beat.

Just change it back.

Thanks. that was it. I guess I never realized that it changes only in the Arranger window.

Thank you for your answer. No, it was as simple as the ruler set to seconds in the arranger. It’s not the first time I bang my head over this (with other problems). I would expect that if you set the ruler to seconds it will change also in the edit window.
Thanks also for you insights!

You can set up a primary and secondary time format in Cubase (maybe only Pro and higher) and then switch between them. By default it’s the . key (the normal one, not the one on the NumPad).
Kindly have a look in the manual regarding this.