Different instrument change indication than staff label


If I have a second flute doubling alto I like to add (2) to the alto flute name and abbreviated name so in the score it’s clear which player is playing that instrument. However when I do that the change instrument name also becomes A.Fl. (2) which I don’t need. Just - to A.Fl - is needed.

Is there a simple way to have A.Fl. (2) on the stave label and A.Fl. for the instrument changes as it does automatically for a flute 2 part.

See screenshot file.

Thanks, Ben

Yes, you can customize the instrument change label for individual instances.

Sorry, just found a thread about this where you can edit in edit in engrave mode.

It would be nice if in the instrument setup, edit names there was a third panel option for this so it was automatic after you change it. Seems like not too hard to do? Then a third option in layout-players to select this custom option.

Thanks, Ben

Thanks Lillie, I just replied to myself before seeing your message … I suppose I’m always looking for ways that set up project wide parameters to save time and error …!

Another option would be to use this player’s player name in their staff labels, customize their player name as needed (you can’t insert line breaks in that dialog but you can copy/paste text with line breaks in from elsewhere) and leave the instrument names as default for use in instrument change labels?

Ah, the eternal question :wink:

Haha, yes, I imagine everyone thinks their software change seems easy to implement. When you’re not the one doing it it always seems easy! Thanks for the fix option. I think now that I now I can change the label in engrave mode I’ll just do that, seems like the cleanest option and pretty quick to do. I don’t change instruments every bar … The danger of producing such a good software that automates so much is that you want everything to be automated!