Different instruments in different flows


is it possible to have different instruments on different flows in one layout?
I’ve got a piece, where there are short chorale settings between the longer movements and I want to show all 4 voices of the chorale in every part layout, but can’t find a way to change the instruments for each flow individually. Am I missing something?


Setup mode. Select the flow by clicking it in the bottom panel, then just tick or untick the instruments you want or don’t want in the left panel.

If you don’t want to show the chorale parts in the longer movements, then you’ll need to use player filters on the music frame chain to remove the chorale players from the other movements. This means you’ll need to do some custom layout work in Engrave mode, with a new frame chain for the chorale movements to exclude the other players, and the chorale players excluded from the main frame chain.

HeiPet, I see that Daniel and I have interpreted your original post in different ways.

Daniel’s assumed that you’re using the same voices (players) for the chorales as for the longer movements. I’ve assumed that you’re using different voices (players).

If you go down the route of using one set of players for the longer movements, and a different set of players for the chorales, then there’s no need to do custom layout work in Engrave mode or fiddle with frame chains. You can just set each of your flows to contain the correct players (following the instructions I gave above), and then set each of your part layouts to include the chorale players (by right clicking on each layout, in Setup mode, in the right panel, and ticking the chorale players).

Thank you both. I will give both ways a try.
pianola, your way is a bit against the philosophy of Dorico: now I end up with ‘Two Players holding one instrument’ :slight_smile:
Perhaps the Custom layout could be made even more customizable in a future version.