Different Kind Naming for Staves and Systems (not polyphonic)

Hi, I want to write a note as seen in the picture below. I’ve been using Dorico for several years, but I’ve never used this (Staves and Systems) panel before. The following piece is an example of Classical Turkish Music.

The place I show in red is the section name. (which changes every eight bars). Also how can I add the bracket for two line system? (shown in the cyan)

Thank you…

Engrave mode has the ability to add brackets to any contiguous group of singers or instruments.

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Hello mstferngzl,
one way would be to make a new Flow for every section. In Layout Options->Page Setup: allow new flows to begin on the same page.
Also under Layout Options->Staves and Systems: indent the first system by a good amount.
Then I would add the Section name with Shift-X on the first beat of each flow/section and in Engrave Mode drag this text to your desired location.
I don’t think Flow Headers can be used here.

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Thank you very much, I will try these. if not, I will write both lines as if they were polyphonic music. :pray::bouquet: