Different layouts for different sections

This is almost certainly something that’s been covered in an article or YouTube, but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding it: how do you handle a score in which certain portions should be displayed using one configuration of staves, and other portions should be displayed using a different configuration of staves?

In my case, this is an SSAA choral score. In certain sections it’s all homophonic, so I’d like it to display on two stages (SS on the top, AA on the bottom), but in other sections it’s contrapuntal, so I’d like to use four staves so I can spell out each voice clearly.

How do I set that up?

Thank you!

There are a couple of options, but I think probably using divisi is how I would approach this.

(Dorico’s divisi feature includes automatically showing choral divide/rejoin arrows at the ends of systems when divising vocal players.)

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This should work great. Thank you very much.