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Hello Folks,
There is something I only just noticed here:
when recording the other day I’ve seen that the mic input meter shows an about 3 to 5 dB lower level than the channel and output meters, which are on identical levels. Certainly, I’ve checked that there is no plugin or EQ in the path and all faders (RME mixer also) were on zero dB.
I tried this with a number of older npr. Goes for mono and stereo channels. RME driver is updated.
Now, when I set up an empty, new project with identical project settings, it does not do that. Any idea what that might be? Is there an input volume poti, like in previous versions, that I have overlooked, …maybe a pan law thingy?
Servus, Big K

Input gain of channels?
Stereo input to Mono tracks? or vice versa?

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If that’s pan law, you will see lower level in master, and I believe that’s opposite of what you saw.
Maybe a little bit of “gain” in the pre section added in the recorded channel?

Hello there…
Fredo: all checked and not “guilty”.
Taka: nope, … not the case.
Btw., There is a delay of about 2/10th second between input and channel level metering.
I will re-install Nuendo on the weekend and see what happens. That could already do the trick.
After all, I uninstalled 2 previous Nuendo versions, lately. Shouldn’t make the machine buggy,
but who knows…
Servus, Big K

Only thing that comes to my mind is if you’re using the gain trim on a channel, or alternatively if you’ve enabled “trim” automation and have offset the level without it showing somehow (I doubt it’s the latter though).

Are you using Direct monitoring?
If not, then something is in the chain. Could be a simpel fader that is not at 0dB.

Antother thing to check = your ASIO driver.

I don’t think re-installing can solve this. Sounds like another issue


I am really excited to find out what it is.
As said, there is nothing in the chain, no trim, Total Mix is spot on, it is not Direct Monitoring
and mono or stereo tracks only. I will now also check, if newly setup NPRs, which do not show this, are staying correct or if they attract those symptoms after being worked for a while, too.
Now, this whole thing is no show stopper, at all, but one could get curious… :slight_smile:
Thanks so far. If I ever find out what it is I post it here.
Any idea about the delayed level meters ( Input channel to Channel)?

Fredo, my pal, are you still using those HD-1s? :wink: :wink:
Servus, Big K

Hi mate,

Yes, in our TV-mix room, we have a full 5.1 setup of HD1’s.
And we have 2 spares, just in case.

Nope, we are not selling them.

Can you send me the npr? Then I will have a look.


A common mistake is routing the same signal two times to the same bus.

For example see this thread :

Such a mixing can be hided in the Nuendo control room section or in the audio interface DSP mixer.

Good thinking, but no… all routing is straight. Control room is off.
:wink: :wink: :wink: Anyhow, … who makes misakes?? LOL

Hi Fredo, nobody keeps spare monitor speakers these days…
Especially such old, awful ones like the HD-1s.
You really, really should consider sending them to me.
You’ll be relieved of this cruel burden of having them sitting there idly , taking up space…
:thinking: :wink: …Or… maybe put me in your will?

Servus, Big K

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