different margins on a title page?

Lately I was creating a title page for the parts in an arrangement in Dorico. The margins for the parts layout are set to show the music properly (so with enough whitespace on the sides). However, on the title page I need a graphic to fill the full with of the page (A4). I looked in this forum and into several options, but I couldn’t find a solution.

So, is it possible to adjust the margins for the title page (first page) independently from the other pages or is there a possibility that a graphic frame can extend beyond the margins?

No, you can’t do that, I’m afraid. What you’ll need to do is set the page margins in the page Setup page of Layout Options to zero on all sides, then edit your ‘First’ and ‘Default’ master pages so that all of the frames are inset by the old margin values.

Ah, I already was afraid that it isn’t possible (yet?). Maybe something to implement in a future version?
I also already thought of the solution proposed, so I will use this option (although I have more than the two standard master pages in my file).
Thx Daniel for the quick response and keep up the good work!

In general I don’t think there’s much call for margin changes within the same layout, so it’s certainly not a high priority, but I would never say never, as it were!

Perhaps it would be enough, to allow graphic (and text?) frames to go outside the page margins.

That’s not something we intend to do either.

I suppose this could be done by combining a PDF from another program with Dorico PDF. Then use a merge PDF program to put them together into one file. Might have to adjust the page number in Dorico if you want it to start on page 2 instead of 1. But this allows incredible flexibility.

Just come across this problem with a title page. I was rather fearing I might have to edit all the master pages and Flow headers I’ve set up in order to make things fit. Ah well, ca va.

ETA: Not as bad as I thought - No need to edit the flow headers.

I was searching for exactly the same thing, so I drop my wish here… :wink:

David, did you mean “ça va” ?


I did. And sixty years ago would probably have remembered it had a cedilla.