Different notation options for slash notation?

Is it somehow possible to have different notation options when it comes to e.g. splitting notes vs notate as single notes? Like in the example here (tweaked to have it look like it, but that’s way too much effort to do it for the whole score):

Dorico uses the notation options for all players. What if I want to use a different notation options for the slash notation? I don’t seem a way to override the set notation options for one specific player.

That’s correct, you cannot override notation options for a single player.

Thanks Daniel. I feared as much, even it if makes sense. So I’d have to either set the notation options so the slash voice looks like my friend wants to, but that’ll force the choir voices to have the same notation options, or I’ll have to tweak the slash voice manually using the engrave mode?

You can’t override Notation Options, but depending on what it is you want to do, you can use Force Duration to control how individual notes are notated/grouped, independently of your Notation Options.

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Lillie, you’re my saviour. Haven’t thought about Force Duration. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile: