Different note values between Galley view and page view...

No idea what to make of this, but I seem to have different note values in galley and page view. I entered this piece in galley view and was surprised to see that it’s different in Page view. Is there an easy fix?

I’ve never come across this before. You probably need to post a cut-down project (the Dorico file itself; not a screenshot) that exhibits the problem.

edit: I suspect it’s a redraw problem and something is preventing the beams and slurs from drawing correctly in Page view. I have no idea what, though. You might try saving the project, closing it, quitting Dorico, reopening the project.

Yes, I noticed that every time I switched between Galley and Page view, more beams were drawn so I guessed it was indeed a redraw issue. I restarted Dorico and everything is fine now.