Different page margins in different flows

I have a piano piece that gets sparse in certain sections. Can I make different page margins in different flows to accommodate this? Please excuse this super basic question, but I have never figured this out.

Not in Layout Options, but you can create page templates with differently sized music frames (or music frames with manually-set music frame margins) and assign those page templates to the required pages – e.g. from the first page of the affected flow onwards, with another change at the start of the next flow.

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Can you duplicate page templates and edit? If I make a Custom template it seems it starts out blank and I’d have to painstakingly recreate other parts from other templates.

See here for how to use the “Based on” functionality – just be aware of the link that remains between shared frames (ie changing the contents of a text frame that came from a “Based on” page template, affects what’s shown in that text frame on both the new template and the original template)

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