Different Page Margins in Elements 4

I tried to have larger top margins on the left-hand page of an instrumental part but I wasn’t able to do this. I did consult the Elements 4 manual and it indicates that I should be able to do this. Perhaps some other setting is over-riding this but I couldn’t detect it. Any helpful input would be welcome. Thank you.

Could you share a screenshot of your project, and indicate where exactly you’re like more space?

Depending on what’s going on on the page (whether that page uses the First or Default page template, for example), you might need to change different margins.

Hello Lillie
Well it seems that my RH page is actually the LH page in the layout options! I therefore increased the top margin of the LH page and this change has affected the RH page of my instrumental part. I would have really liked to have moved the top stave downwards and keep the header in its original position, but this might not be possible in my Elements 4. Anyway, here is the screenshot you requested.
Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 16.37.18.png

Hi Peter, that explains that then!

Although you’re seeing page 1 on the left, it’s actually a right-handed page, because it’s got an odd number. Traditionally, all music starts on a right-handed, odd-numbered page.

If you had Dorico Pro, I would recommend moving the top edge of the music frame downwards, either on the Default page template or on a custom page template/individual page as an override, rather than increasing the left-hand page margin, as that would allow you to keep the running header at the top of the page, rather than so far down.

You could increase the top music frame margin for the layout, but that would affect the first page as well.

For your information, Dorico Elements 5 added the ability to move staves/systems up and down manually in Engrave mode, which is another option open to Dorico Elements 5 users.

(Another option is to be more generous in your horizontal spacing here, since the part will occupy 2 pages anyway, and use the full height of p2?)

Hi Lillie

Thanks for your comments and helpful observations. I have been thinking seriously about upgrading to Elements 5 as, apart from more engraving adjustments, the unlimited number of players would mean I can have fewer shared instrumental parts, such as in the one you have viewed.

My only reluctance is that I have playback problems at the present time and wonder if upgrading would solve any of my troubles. I can only play back older projects and any new projects are silent, despite the playback button being activated in each case. Having been brought up in the age of hand copying and a late-comer to much modern technology, I am reluctant to dip my toe into the mysteries of the play mode interface, which is a strange new world to me. I can only guess that a ’silent template’ is at work but I have no idea of course.

Thanks again

Hi Peter, in the first instance, have you tried applying a playback template to your projects? It is indeed possible that they’re starting by default with the “Silence” playback template.

Playback templates are how Dorico automatically loads sounds for the instruments you add to your project. They mean that you don’t have to dig too deeply into editing software instruments if you don’t want: just load the playback template that corresponds to the sounds you have (Dorico ships with playback templates for all the sounds it comes with), and go.

In Dorico 4, the playback templates were named after the level of Dorico that the sounds correspond to, so you’d be looking for the “Elements” template.

Hi again Lillie

I did find my way to the Playback Templates and checked what was selected. HSSE (Elements) was selected in each case. I did once re-install the programme and associated sounds, but that didn’t alter the behaviour. May I ask whether a diagnostic report would offer any clue to my problem?

Thanks again

Hi Lillie

Found an inconsistency within the VST part of the Play Mode…
The projects that play back have 02 - Halion Sonic SE, whereas the projects that don’t play back just have 02 - Halion Sonic listed. I couldn’t see how to add the SE one instead.

Hope you might be able to help me with this.

Thank you

Have you tried re-applying the HSSE (Elements) playback template, from the link I posted earlier? Even if it’s already highlighted and apparently in use.

Yes, re-applied but to no avail.

Peter, you shouldn’t need HALion Sonic SE any longer, because HALion Sonic is a drop-in replacement for it. I’d suggest trying to actively uninstall HALion Sonic SE from your computer.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll have a go at uninstalling the Sonic SE during the coming week. Appreciate your input with this.

Following Daniel’s suggestion, I uninstalled Sonic SE from my Mac and emptied the trash as well. However, the playback problem remains the same. If I start a new project, the chosen instruments are properly displayed in play mode, but when I select edit instruments (e), all Halion slots are empty. So I have to manually load each instrument, which can be quite an onerous task for a large score. Any help with this would be very welcome.

Wrong step.
The first step should always be to reapply a playback template (Play>Playback Template… choose one of the factory templates and Apply and Close).

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Janus, I have done that but still not loading instruments.

It sounds like you need to post your diagnostics here, so that someone clever can check your installation.
Help>Create Diagnostic Report, and upload the zip file.